Saudi Arabia issues Venezuela travel warning

Arab News
Tue, 2017-07-18 23:27

JEDDAH: The Ministry of the Interior has warned Saudi citizens against travel to Venezuela due to the security situation.
The director general of public relations and information at the Ministry of Interior, Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Maraoul, said that the ministry has received a report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the arrest of several Saudi citizens by the authorities at Caracas International Airport in Venezuela due to the unstable internal situation in the country.
The Saudi Embassy in Caracas pointed out that popular demonstrations have been called for by the Venezuelan opposition, including riots, vandalism and violent confrontations between police and demonstrators.
A number of Saudi citizens have come to Venezuela despite the seriousness of the security situation. The majority are Saudi students who come to visit friends without any idea about the internal situation in the country, which requires care and caution.

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