Somalia: Key al-Shabaab commander killed

A key al-Shabaab leader was killed in an operation in Somalia’s Lower Shabelle region on Saturday, Somalia’s information minister said in a statement on Monday.

Government troops with international partners killed Ali Mohamed Hussein (Ali Jabal), commander of the Banadir region – including the capital Mogadishu – in a security operation.

“Ali Jabal was part of an al-Shabaab network responsible for planning and executing several bombings and assassinations that resulted in the deplorable death of numerous innocent civilians in Mogadishu,” a statement from Somalia’s information minister said.

“The successful operation signals the Federal Government’s continued commitment to protect Somali citizens and reduce al-Shabaab’s ability to conduct senseless acts of violence against the people of Somalia, its East African neighbors, and the international community,” he added.

A statement from the US Africa Command said Monday it carried out a drone strike near Tortoroow in southern Somalia that killed an al-Shabab member, but gave no further details.