Al-Sisi claims that his coup ‘ended fascism’ in Egypt

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi congratulated the Egyptian people on Friday on the occasion of what he called the June 30 Revolution – the military coup that he led – and claimed that this had ended “fascism” in the country, news agencies have reported. “Days pass, but the memory of the glorious days of our history remain immortal in our minds,” he said in a speech marking the fourth anniversary of the coup that he carried out against the first ever freely-elected President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi. “Such days prove that our people have awareness more than those who planned to steal their will.” The nation has a stronger will than those who wanted to harm it, he added. On […]

Holland puts off opening of embassy in Libya

The government in Holland has announced that it will send a new envoy to Libya three years after closing its mission in the war-torn country, reported on Friday. However, according to Foreign Ministry spokesman Chris Bakker, it is “too early to re-open the embassy” in the Libyan capital. He noted that this would be much more expensive to do now. The decision was apparently taken after a meeting held between Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders and the Libyan prime minister and foreign minister, during which they agreed on some form of diplomatic representation. “This is an important first step to being represented once again in Tripoli at the diplomatic level,” explained Koenders. He pointed out that a re-opened diplomatic […]

Saudi Arabia announces deadline for illegal residents

Saudi Arabia’s Department of Passports has announced a final one-month deadline for residents whose work or residence permits have expired to leave the country, official news agency WAS reported on Friday. The head of the Department, Major General Suleiman Bin Abdel Aziz Al-Yahya, called for the illegal residents who could not leave during the current 90-day amnesty, to go immediately to the official centres which specialise in making arrangements for them to leave. Those residents who leave the country during the amnesty period will be exempt from the punishing measures taken against people who are deported, he explained. These include fines and a permanent ban on returning to the kingdom.