Unexplainable German double standards with Turkey and Egypt

The war of words between Turkish and German officials and diplomats started when Germany prevented Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag from holding a rally in Germany. The minister headed to Germany as part of a mobilisation and awareness campaign that started prior to the pending constitutional referendum that is planned to be held on 16 April. It’s natural that a country like Germany which hosts at least 4 million citizens from Turkish origins (about 1.4 million are on the electoral register) will become a travel destination for a government that is bracing to make the most colossal constitutional reform in the history of the Republic of Turkey. Shockingly, though, the ministers were suddenly not allowed to hold their rallies. Apart […]

Is there an imminent thaw between Sisi and Hamas, or is it a coercive détente?

Ever since the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, Hamas has found itself in Egypt’s crosshairs. The regime of Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has opted for a multifaceted retributive strategy toward the Hamas-run Gaza Strip. Post-2013 coup, the state media began running an insidious propaganda campaign intended to demonise the Palestinians in Gaza in general and Hamas in particular. Palestinians have been accused systematically of interfering in Egypt’s affairs to instigate mayhem. They’ve also been blamed for raiding Egyptian prisons at the outbreak of 2011’s January 25 Revolution to free prisoners and perpetrate terrorist attacks in the Sinai Peninsula. Brotherhood curse Media outlets literally epitomised Gaza as the cosy cradle responsible for Egypt’s economic and political malaise, principally because it’s ruled by […]