7 Iraqi troops killed in Mosul clashes

Seven Iraqi soldiers were killed in deadly clashes with Daesh militants in Mosul on Sunday amid a major offensive to recapture the northern city from the terrorist group. Daesh militants launched a car-bomb attack and engaged in clashes with Iraqi forces in Tamim district in eastern Mosul, army officer Mohanad Nour al-Din told Anadolu Agency. He said Iraqi troops backed by U.S.-led coalition warplanes, however, managed to thwart the attack. “Seven soldiers were killed and four others injured in the attack,” he said. No information was yet available about Daesh losses in the fighting. On Saturday, Iraqi forces resumed its offensive in Mosul – which began in late October – after a week-long hiatus. Iraqi officials have vowed to recapture […]

“كورودا” يدافع عن سياسته لضبط منحنى العائدات ويبدي تفاؤله بشأن الاقتصاد العالمي

دافع محافظ بنك اليابان “هاروهيكو كورودا” عن سياسته لضبط منحى العائدات، قائلاً إنها أبقت معدلات الفائدة اليابانية طويلة الأجل بعيداً عن الاتجاه الصعودي للعائدات العالمية كما ساعدت الاقتصاد في التغلب على الركود. وقلل “كورودا” من انتقادات الأكاديميين الذين أكدوا أن مستهدفه للتضخم عند 2% كان طموحاً للغاية بسبب الانكماش، معللاً ذلك بأن البنك المركزي يجب […]

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No tax on CO2 emissions in China’s new environment law

Agence France Presse
Mon, 2016-12-26

BEIJING : China has passed a law that levies taxes on pollution, but ignores carbon dioxide, one of the major contributors to global warming, according to the web site of the country’s highest legislative body.
The National People’s Congress (NPC) standing committee passed the law, the first to tax polluters, on Sunday, less than a fortnight after a red alert for smog left more than 20 cities in the country’s northeast choking under a heavy haze.
Polluters will be charged for contributing to air, water and noise pollution, according to a copy of the legislation on the NPC’s official web site.
But CO2 did not make the list, which includes air and water pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and sulfite, taxed at rates beginning at 1.2 yuan ($0.17) and 1.4 yuan ($0.20) per unit respectively.
It also stipulates a monthly tax ranging from 350 to 11,200 yuan ($50 to $1612) for noise pollution.
The Environment Tax Law will come into effect on January 1, 2018.
China is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, due to its heavy reliance on coal to provide electricity to its population of 1.37 billion.
The fuel has also contributed to the country’s severe smog problem.
Last week, cities across China’s northeast went on “red alert” for air pollution, triggering an emergency response that included taking large numbers of cars off the road and closing some factories.
The crisis also spurred a call by Chinese President Xi Jinping for the country to develop clean energy sources in order to reduce smog, Xinhua reported.

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Hamas leader tells Israel to implement UN resolution

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has urged Israel to implement the recently-passed UN Security Council resolution demanding a halt in illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territories. Speaking at an event organised by the Turkey-based YediHilal (Seven Crescent) Association in Istanbul, Meshaal said Palestinians want their lands to be “completely free from occupiers”. “We want to take back our land in such a way that settlers are removed and there are no more settlements. We want to return to a Palestine where there are no invaders and enemies,” the Hamas political bureau chief said. His speech at the Halic Congress Center saw several pauses during which people from the crowd chanted pro-Palestine slogans and called on the Israeli government to revise its […]