EIB Governors welcome the EU Bank’s support for investment in Europe

In 2016 the EIB Group provided funding totalling over EUR 83.8 billion to support investment across Europe and around the world. This will help finance projects worth around 280 billion euro. The European Investment Bank (EIB) expects 2017 to be another strong year, building on its robust performance in 2016. The Board of Governors welcomed EIB´s role in strengthening competitiveness and boosting growth and jobs and approved the bank’s accounts for last year.

Vladislav Goranov, new Governor for Bulgaria

Following recent changes in the Bulgarian Government, Mr Vladislav GORANOV was appointed Minister of Finance. He also becomes EIB Governor, succeeding Mr Kiril ANANIEV. Mr GORANOV already served in that capacity from November 2014 to February 2017.Befo…

Collaboration entre la BEI et l’Université de Namur (UNamur)

La BEI et l’UNamur ont décidé de développer leur coopération dans des domaines tels que la recherche académique, la transmission de connaissances par l’enseignement, l’organisation de stages et de conférences. L’objectif est d’exploiter au maximum le potentiel créé par les synergies entre les deux institutions au profit des étudiants, des académiques, et des chercheurs.